Roses n’ Cream: Dancing barefoot in the Garden

Roses ‘n CreamI must admit, sometimes I get exhausted with social media, the hash-tagging, the editing, and the constant posting into the ether. It’s like shooting arrows into darkness. It drains me but I love sharing the magic of clothes! I love how an item of clothing can transform a day from “blah” to spectacular!

I love TLB and what it is and what it’s becoming.  I am faaaaaaaar from perfect, light-years away but I keep showing up.  Pop-ups. Painting. Posting. Networking. Photographing. Editing. Shopping. Learning. Writing. Dreaming. Creating. Failing. Starting over. I work into the wee hours of the night every day in the studio. It’s not healthy but there’s no 4-hour work day for The-Lady-of-the-Ship, no-no-no. I love what I do too much and there is much to do!

Inspiration laughs at my schedule. I am absolutely terrible with the timing of releasing things in sync because I overthink myself into paralysis. I have even had low-vibration  thoughts of dropping everything for a “gasp” safe and pragmatic lifestyle. I have a therapist and good friends to call  in those dark moments, thank goodness!

But when I find an smash-hit, like this Roses ‘n Cream tiered skirt from the Spring collection, all of those pragmatic thoughts can go fuck themselves.  Upon (temporarily) remixing the skirt into a strapless dress to fit me, I feel as light and bright as a Desert Fairy. 

I want to share that joy with you! So I set up the tripod and record myself dancing barefoot in the protective magical garden of Womankraft and everything feels right yet again.

Details: Vintage Roses n’ Cream tiered, lined maxi skirt with elastic waistband. Size: 30 waist. $30

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