Repurpose, Recycle, Rebranding: Chinese Checkerboard to a Christmas Star to Functional Wall Art

To the wild mastermind of The Ladyship, this vintage 1930s Chinese Checkerboard is not only a fun abstract strategic multiplayer game but a bold and functional graphic art piece for simple spaces. 

  • As an example of early 20th century Art Nouveau movement in graphic design and American branding techniques.
  • It's a fun game AND there is a checkerboard on the flipside. Game pieces are not included.
  • Contrary to the name, the board game is not a Chinese invention but late 19th century German with an American twist.  The American toy manufacturers, Pressman rebranded the game's image for mass audiences in 1920s when Orientalism was all the rage.

It scores "high" cool points! Make it yours!